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The Twelve Dancing Princesses - The True Story

Middle-grade fiction for ages 6-10

A fairytale retelling like no other. Packed full of humour.

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Meet the twelve high-spirited princesses of Feather Castle. They enjoy science and magic, motor-bikes and clothes, music and saving the world – oh and they REALLY love to dance. But when spies in the shape of aspiring suitors visit the castle to discover where they go at night, the headstrong sisters won’t stand for it. They soon have their guests outwitted in this hilarious story of royal disasters, pixie-loving dragons, magical gardens, contests and friendship.

'My daughters found this book literally unputdownable and said that they absolutely loved it, both giving it 10/10. It's very important to note that this story is about princesses ... but totally cool and empowered princesses!'

A note from the author

The Twelve Dancing Princesses was one of my favourite fairy tales when I was growing up. I loved the idea of a door into a magical fairyland where fairy folk danced the night away, and I loved that the twelve princesses in the story didn’t just sit around being bored and timid just because their father expected them to act in a certain way. The princesses in this story danced and laughed and tried their best to enjoy life, and when their father sent men to spy on them, the princesses were cunning and clever enough to outwit the silly men. But there were also parts of the story which I thought weren’t so great, like the fact that one of the men finally succeeded in outwitting the princesses and that their father, the king, who behaved so badly, never had to apologise or face up to the consequences of his actions. So, I decided to write my own version of the story – the true story of The Twelve Dancing Princesses, in which we get to see just how clever, strong-minded, inventive, kind and funny these twelve sisters really are; and in which, the badly behaved men do not just get to shrug their shoulders dismissively and walk away unchallenged.

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