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Hi, I'm Sarah. I am an author, editor and occasional illustrator. 

I create books for all ages, including children's books, middle-grade, young adult and adult fiction. I love creating compelling characters who challenge stereotypes and who encourage readers to ask questions about the world around them. But even more than that, I love magic!!!


There's always magic in the stories I write as well as lots of humour and a healthy dose of adventure.


Like many parents, my usual working routine was turned upside down in 2020 when covid hit. With the whole family at home all the time and with the demands of homeschooling suddenly thrust upon me, I found myself turning to smaller, more child-friendly projects for a while. You can find some of these projects on the free resources section of this website. There are articles, videos, ideas, colouring sheets, craft resources, fun exercise ideas and many other links to inspire children to be confident, compassionate and open-minded individuals.

More recently, I've been back to working on fiction for older readers and I wait to share it with you all. Watch this space for news of new releases.

follow Sarah on instagram @mahfoudhsarah

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