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Can-do Kids is all about helping younger generations to become stronger and more resilient in every possible way.


It is important to talk to children about the challenges they may face as they grow up; about the planet; about injustice and inequality. In the words of author, Jo Knowles, 'Not talking to kids about “difficult” subjects won’t keep these subjects from being a part of their lives. Give them the knowledge they need to face them instead.'

In this section of the website, I will be sharing thoughts, resources and ideas to help get kids thinking about a whole range of world issues, including the environment, sexism, racism, body image, personal growth and self-worth, and kindness and compassion.

Can-do Kids is just getting started. We'll be adding more content over the coming weeks and months so please keep checking back for new material and resources, and don't forget to join our Can-do Kids Club to receive updates on our projects.

Have you ever noticed that almost all the bears in children's books are boys?

Teddy Bear

Have you ever noticed that almost all the bears in children's books are boys? As are most of the animals, monsters, aliens, and other non-human creatures. And don’t even get me started on how many picture books have a male main character! But what impact is this having on our children's development and what can we do to help?



Try this with your kids at home or in school.


Read Why are all bears boys? and then try this with your kids at home or in school. Gather together all of your picture books or children's chapter books and sort them into three piles: 1. Books with a female protagonist; 2. Books with a male protagonist; 3. Books that have a gender neutral protagonist.

What do you notice? Which pile is bigger? What sorts of books are in each pile? Do any discussions stem from what you have found?

You can try the same thing with TV programmes, films, children's magazines etc.

How to really shop ethically.

Paper Straws

Find advice on how to be an 'ethical consumer' as well as links to some of our favourite ethical shops.


What animal are you?

Page 2 can do.jpg

Make a mask

In the book Can-do Kat by Sarah Mahfoudh, Kat's older brothers think she is just like a kitten. But Kat doesn't feel like a kitten. She feels like a BIG ROARING CAT.

This 'make an animal mask' activity is a fantastic way to get children to start thinking about who they are and how they want the world to perceive them. You'll find this fun, confidence-boosting activity on our Calm Kids page.


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