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'This is a delightful book with clever rhymes and lovely illustrations. Definitely recommended.'  Jan Shepherd



'A wonderful rhyming, picture book that informs about the weather as well as a good read for younger children! Lends itself to a series. Delivery First class.'  Susan Wilson



'Lilly Mae is the story of a little girl who lives in the clouds and controls the weather depending on how she feels. She is finicky, feisty and fun.


Tianna really enjoyed this story and the illustrations were bold and beautiful. As well as the fun of this rhyming tale, it also offers a glimpse into the topic of mood, and demonstrates the normality of 'good days' and 'bad days'.


This book is a fantastic tool for parents and children alike. It opens up a dialogue on mood and how our emotions can affect our actions - and how, in turn, our actions affect other people. These types of books; stories  with a modern moral message are the type that demonstrate why books are just so important for children. Some conversations simply cannot be had, or comprehended by little ones, yet books such as Lilly Mae offer a fantastic way to translate serious matters into digestable bedtime learning. I would thoroughly recommend this book.


Overall we would recommend both of these books 100%! The stories are captivating and  the illustrations are stunning and really come to life. These are books which can be treasured and read over and over again without losing their fantastic  energy!'  Danielle of Tester Family

A story about a little girl called Lilly Mae who lives on a cloud and changes the weather according to her moods.

LILLY MAE written by Sarah Mahfoudh & Illustrated by Ruth Thorp

With its quirky rhyme and beautiful illustrations, Lilly Mae is sure to charm parents and children alike.


Published by Raw Mixture Publishing in 2015, Lilly Mae is the first collaborative project by sisters Sarah and Ruth. Having spent their childhood making up, creating and acting out stories, they have now teamed up as a writer and illustrator duo to bring their stories to life and share them with the world!

Ruth-Thorp-Studio_Lilly Mae 4
Ruth-Thorp-Studio_Lilly Mae 2
Ruth-Thorp-Studio_Lilly Mae

'"Again! Again! Again!" We read it cover to cover 4 times in a row without pausing for breath.'


Ryan of DadCreek

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