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A magical fantasy novel for teens.

Fourteen-year-old Eshna has always known she is different – she can hold light in her hand and form pillars out of water – but it is not until her father is killed in a brutal mugging that she really begins to discover who she is and what she is capable of.


All alone in the world without anyone to turn to, and scared of what the authorities will do when they find out, Eshna escapes from the hospital where she is being treated and runs to a beach, miles from town...which until night falls appears deserted. It’s then that she hears the voices in the darkness and sees the eerie shapes in the water that will change her destiny forever.


When morning dawns, Eshna is dragged into a new world, full of magic and intrigue; a world that needs saving. But is Eshna really the one they have been waiting for, and can she help?

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'Faces In The Water was amazing; it pulled me in right from the start [...] The story line is very gripping and after each chapter I had to carry on reading [...]

As well as the story being gripping it was funny and sad. The emotion the story creates is phenomenal and I was in tears by the end! I would highly recommend this book for ages 8 and up [...] This is definitely a five star book and I have already recommended it to my friends.'



'I started reading to see if the book was suitable for my granddaughter, but then I found the story interesting, exciting and difficult to put down. Five stars.'



'A brilliant book. The colourful, descriptive language draws one into a magical, fantasy world where the subplots of love and war only strengthen the storyline. A real page turner. An excellent first novel. Highly recommended. Five stars.'



'Read it in one sitting because I couldn't put it down!'



'Fantasy fiction is not usually my thing but I really enjoyed the story. It would appeal to all ages I imagine. Haven't read a proper book for ages but had difficulty putting down.'

'Loved this book. I was completely drawn into the world of Eshna. Totally hooked and couldn't put it down. I can't wait for the next installment! I think it's supposed to be a young adult book but I would recommend for bigger adults like me too! Five stars.' 


- review of Faces in the Water

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