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'Rain poured down and lightning slashed the fabric of the sky as the boy dropped to his knees and howled as if his heart had been torn from his chest. The sound echoed and reverberated around the headland, and nature answered with a rumbling growl and another flash of lightning. Then all fell still: the wind dropped, the rain lightened to drizzle and a sliver of moonlight fought its way out of the clouds.'  


Meet Lilly Mae - a little girl who lives on a cloud and changes the weather according to her moods.

Fourteen-year-old Eshna has always known she is different – she can hold light in her hand and form pillars out of water – but it is not until her father is killed in a brutal mugging that she really begins to discover who she is and what she is capable of.


All alone in the world without anyone to turn to, and scared of what the authorities will do when they find out, Eshna escapes from the hospital where she is being treated and runs to a beach, miles from town ... which until night falls appears deserted. It’s then that she hears the voices in the darkness and sees the eerie shapes in the water that will change her destiny forever.


When morning dawns, Eshna is dragged into a new world, full of magic and intrigue; a world that needs saving. But is Eshna really the one they have been waiting for, and can she help?


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Punishment is a short tale of fairies, magic and matters of the other realm.


'A great grey cloud bled across the sky, emptying its contents onto the little harbour of Porthgain. A fierce wind whipped up, driving the rain harder into the earth. On the cliff top, a short walk from the village, a cluster of brick buildings crowned the headland. The storm raged, but the sea remained defiant; vast and flat and glassy-black it stretched away from the coast without a wave or ripple to break its perfection. Even the raindrops made no impression on its surface. Never had the mighty ocean been so still.


A small, wooden boat appeared, seemingly floating above the surface of the sea for it left no drag and the oars made no splash. Smoothly, silently the ghostly boat glided towards the shore and soon disappeared beneath the shadowy out-crop of the cliff. A moment later a spectre, dark even against the sable sky, fluttered onto the cliff top. And now there was another shape adorning the headland, looking out over the sea – a young man, one might even call him a boy.'


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This magical fantasy novel for teens is available on kindle and in print.

On a dark and stormy night in October, Jack writes a farewell note to his daughter and leaves his home for the very last time.

'A brilliant book. The colourful, descriptive language draws one into a magical, fantasy world where the subplots of love and war only strengthen the storyline. A real page turner. An excellent first novel. Highly recommended. Five stars.'  


Susan W review of Faces in the Water

Packed full of humour and magic, this is a feminist retelling like no other. 


For ages 7-11 years.



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Written for every child whose confidence has ever faltered.


For ages 3-8 years.

winter garden

Snow, magic, books and wishes ... Children are sure to fall in love with The Winter Garden.


For ages 3-8 years.

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