About me – the short version:

Author. Illustrator. Editor. Married. Two kids. Living in Oxfordshire. Creator and founder of Can-do Kids. Used to be a personal trainer. Addicted to creating things. Love dancing, singing, walking, stretching. Always striving to live more ethically.


About me – the slightly longer version

I’m Sarah, and I have written and hand drawn stories for as long as I can remember. Having lived in Fairyland for most of my life, I think it’s only right to share my adventures with the rest of the world. I think telling stories is the best way to communicate, although the people close to me probably wish I’d just talk normally from time to time!


I write and illustrate children’s books for all ages, including Young Adult fiction. I want my readers to feel the excitement, humour and magic of life when they read my stories, but I also strive to promote confidence, emotional resilience, diversity and equality though my books. I especially like creating strong female characters who challenge stereotypes and encourage young readers to ask questions about the world around them.


I am the founder and creator of where you can find articles, ideas, resources, and links to inspire children to be confident, compassionate and open-minded individuals.

'Through the magic of story-telling, the world we live in can expand until there are no boundaries and nothing is impossible.'


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'If something seems wrong, then question it. Don't just do it anyway.'

- Cassandra from The Twelve Dancing Princesses